For 20 years, wholesaler Hollands Glorie has supplied numerous companies worldwide, as well as home growers.

In a world in which life is speeding up, the fuel and food prices are increasing non stop, and our youth no longer knows where our vegetables and fruits come from, but where healthy food is becoming increasingly more important, Hollands Glorie has been offering all her clients a great alternative for years.

At home, on a few square meters, summer and winter, the best vegetables and fruits grown organically. By using low sound, low smell and low light systems. These systems can be installed at home, everywhere, no matter how small your empty space is.
We offer a wide range of professional products for organic farming, at a very reasonable price.

Along with your children, you can grow the tastiest vegetables, which will stimulate the appetite, educates them, and provides fun for the entire family.
If you want to enjoy the most delicious home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, and so on, please check out our website!

Have fun, the Hollands Glorie team